Database Developed

A Pedigree retrieval database Pedigree Retrieval cum Morphological Diversity in Wheat version 1.0 software developed by the centre for data mining could scan and sort genetically diverse and agronomically superior genotypes from wheat germplasm. This software is very useful for plant breeders. This database clearly highlighted the narrow genetic base of the popular wheat cultivars stressing the need for incorporation of variability from other germplasm sources. Most of current cultivars have more than one common parent. It is very useful database for selecting the parents for developing new cultivars.

Varieties released by PAU in different field crops: The Punjab Agricultural University, the premier agricultural university of India has released a number of varieties for different crop plants since its inception. The information regarding the current varieties and their agronomic practices was available in the Package of Practices, which is published for the farmers. However, for the use of the agricultural scientists, the detailed information was available with the respective crop breeders. To provide all the relevant information about the varieties released in different field crops by PAU, for the agricultural scientists, a database has been developed. This is going to be a very useful database for not only the breeders but also agronomists, soil scientists, pathologists, entomologists and geneticists of all the agricultural universities of India.

Development of database for Triticum aestivum